ISOPIA Spearheads Pure Java Mobile Learning

April 2, 2001

TORONTO, Canada — ISOPIA Inc., the leading provider of e-Learning infrastructure software, today announced the launch of the first Java-based mobile learning (m-Learning) solution available on the market. Introducing a paradigm shift in the industry, ISOPIAs mobile offering transforms the way knowledge is delivered and makes anyplace, anytime learning a reality.

Mobile learning opens up new channels for disseminating information and managing knowledge. With only a cell phone, hand-held device, Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) or hybrid unit (combination cell/PDA), users can access administrative functions, download courses, and review their learning history through ISOPIAs ILMS™ or LearnTone™ learning management systems. For e-Learners everywhere, m-Learning offers complete portability, total convenience, and economical access to learning resources whenever they need them.

ISOPIA has consistently proven its commitment to creating more versatile learning options, says Omid Hodaie, ISOPIAs President and CEO. Our new mobile learning management solution maximizes portability and extends learning capabilities beyond typical e-Learning models. Our customers have a smooth and effortless learning experience, while enjoying unrestricted access to content and functionality in a portable device, whether they are disconnected from the network, or connected in a wireline or wireless arrangement.

Acknowledged by industry experts for its superior standards-based technology platform, ISOPIA is the only infrastructure provider in the marketplace to offer both e-Learning and m-Learning solutions purely based on Java. ISOPIA is already recognized in the technology arena for our premier learning management system, which is built using EJB architecture, observes Payman Hodaie, ISOPIAs Chief Technology Officer. ISOPIAs new m-Learning feature demonstrates that we have the vision to anticipate important industry shifts and the ability to deploy solutions using cutting-edge technologies.

Leveraging its next generation technology, ISOPIA continues to exhibit leadership in the e-Learning space. ISOPIAs m-Learning solution is designed for flexibility, incorporating Sun Microsystems Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME). Unlike the Wireless Access Protocol and Wireless Markup Language (WAP/WML), J2ME enables the user to take courses without being connected to the network. It also supports more complex courseware than the standard wireless protocol.

With Java, ISOPIAs m-Learing solution extends the delivery and management of training to all device types. In a real-life scenario, ISOPIAs J2ME learning platform allows the user to upload the mobile course edition from the online learning path – whether connected or disconnected from the Internet – and take courses on any device, then upload information about their course progress and test scores to ILMS the next time they reconnect to the network. Clients are already expressing demand for ISOPIAs m-Learning to augment their existing e-learning programs.

The mobile solution is especially ideal for professionals on the go. Overcoming the limitations of an always connected e-Learning model, ISOPIAs m-Learning initiative fulfills the promise of anytime, anywhere learning from any device.

About ISOPIA Inc.

ISOPIA is the preeminent provider of next-generation learning management systems for todays connected, extended enterprise. Aligned with the needs of the new economy and designed to maximize the knowledge advantage, ISOPIAs e-Learning infrastructure software, ILMS, and LearnTone, its hosted ASP application, allow for massive scalability and adapt to a variety of learning needs. Global organizations are implementing ISOPIAs applications for delivering e-Learning programs to their network of employees, partners and customers around the world. ISOPIAs marquee clients and partners include SUN Microsystems, Element K, Satyam Infoway, Toyota Canada, and BCE Nexxia. Founded in 1998, ISOPIA has established an international presence in North America, Europe, and Asia.

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