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December 12, 2003

First Report:
China’s Health System – Implications for Drug Manufacturers
Point Roberts, WA, Delta, Canada – ECON Corporate Services (ECON), a unique investment, research and consulting firm is pleased to report a new service and feature for its global research portal. will now offer Research Reports on “Doing Business in China” – with the first report focusing on the Drug, and Pharmaceutical Markets. With the ongoing strong growth and opportunities in China, the reports offer interested investors and business owners an insight into the sector.

The report is prepared by Mr. Ki Chiu, an experienced Investment and Finance consultant for the Hong Kong and China equities markets. Mr. Chiu’s areas of expertise include the following sectors: Food, Agriculture, Pharmaceutical and Manufacturing.

The Report is available for purchase at:

The Investorideas website is focused on key areas of research for investors based on potential long term growth and has featured research on China Stocks and Asian Investment Opportunities.

ECON has formed a new division for small and mid size North American Companies focused on selling to the China market, creating a point of entry for business introductions. Additionally, ECON offers investors a source of research and due diligence into investment opportunities in public and private companies in Hong Kong and China. Another area of business development includes access for Asian companies interested in expanding into North American Markets and Securities Exchanges.

Mr. Chiu’s expertise in the financial industry included Executive and Director positions in public companies and research and corporate finance for International Securities firms. Mr. Chiu holds Master Degrees in Finance and Business, and has studied at Tsinghua University, Beijing (PRC).

ECON can facilitate expansion and growth into Asian markets through a variety of services and introductions to the appropriate trade and investment partners.

Additionally, ECON has specialized in key areas of North American technology for investors including Nanotechnolgy, Homeland Security, Renewable Energy, Natural Gas and Telecom.

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