Introducing Folio by ePortaroTM, New Electronic Portfolio system available from Sentient Learning

March 24, 2004

Sentient Learning has concluded an exclusive agreement with US organisation ePortaro, Inc. to deliver this highly successful product in UK and Ireland. Electronic portfolios (“e-portfolios”) have already received significant uptake in the US, Europe and Australia, enabling the student, academic and institution to build an extensive record of learning, reflections and achievements in electronic format – the e-portfolio.

Electronic portfolios are powerful collaboration and sharing tools for students, faculty and alumni owners. Folio encourages students to organise and share their learning achievements across a secure browser interface with selected individuals. Folio has been developed for the web with full internet accessibility and is also highly configurable allowing the student or other owners of the portfolio to control which items are visible to different viewers. The ability to present the information in different formats for different audiences ensures that the e-portfolio fulfils the needs for personal development, personal achievement, and curriculum vitae for the students and the alumni.

Andrew Davidson, CEO of Sentient Learning comments: “We are delighted to be working in collaboration with ePortaro to deliver such an innovative and highly functional product. Students and alumni have long needed a constructive way of presenting their academic and personal achievements. The recent Dearing report stated that all UK institutions should implement a personal development planning system by September 2005. With Folio, institutions can satisfy that objective – and go much further, delivering a valuable and highly valued service to the student and strengthening the alumni bond.

“We have already been approached by many UK institutions for a demonstration of Folio – they had heard of the recent report from SURF in the Netherlands which concluded that Folio was the best e-portfolio system on the market”.

Joseph A. Chalmers, CEO of ePortaro, Inc comments: “We are very excited to be partnering with Sentient Learning to make Folio by ePortaroTM available in the UK and Ireland. Sentient’s success in implementing the DISCOVER learning management system in UK universities makes them an ideal partner. Their strong client base will provide an ideal launch for introduction of electronic portfolios in the UK and Ireland. This collaboration, together with our other global partners in Europe and Australia, will further extend our international reach and contribute significantly to the growth and enhancement of the Folio product.”

About Sentient Learning
Sentient Learning has excelled in the UK educational sector since the launch of an innovative learning resource management system, Sentient DISCOVER. Sentient Learning has now expanded globally, and has established its USA headquarters earlier this year. Sentient DISCOVER has generated strong interest in educational institutions across Europe, Australia and Asia.

About ePortaro
ePortaro, Inc. gives organisations and individuals the ability to organise diverse artifacts, events, data, and efforts, and to present and share them collaboratively over the Internet. Folio by ePortaro™ supports the collection, reflection, and assessment of an individual’s efforts in both standard-based and ad-hoc formats.

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