Internet2 and HaiVision collaborate to deliver SIGGRAPH network streaming

August 1, 2005

Internet2 and HaiVision collaborate to deliver high resolution network streaming of SIGGRAPH 2005 sessions

Montreal, Canada, August 1, 2005 – HaiVision Systems Inc., a leader in interactive networked video communications, and Internet2, the foremost U.S. advanced networking consortium led by the research and higher education community, announce today that they are collaborating to deliver select SIGGRAPH 2005 events via live DVD-quality Internet broadcasts (webcast). Sessions will include the Emerging Technologies panels hosted by the Access Grid ( These collaborative sessions focus on multiparty artistic development on a global scale and will include a “Global Distributed Live Performance” with participants in five cities in the UK, Korea, Chile, Australia, and the USA.

Internet2 will broadcast the multi-city collaborative sessions from the local SIGGRAPH Access Grid node over the public Internet to enable those who cannot attend SIGGRAPH to experience the effectiveness of the remote collaboration technologies. Internet2 selected HaiVision’s hai210E to encode the broadcast to a DVD-quality IP stream, which is then multicast via the public Internet.

“By bringing together leaders in graphic design technology, SIGGRAPH provides attendees a platform to showcase the latest advances in this ever-evolving field” said Jonathan Tyman, program manager, Internet2 Commons. “Through our close collaboration with HaiVision and its advanced multicast technology, Internet2 will not only provide audiences around the world access to this important conference but will also help to advance remote collaboration practices globally.”

Schedules and information about viewing these breakthrough SIGGRAPH sessions can be found at

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