International Training Center and Enter a New Phase of Collaboration

January 5, 2003

The two organizations will collaborate in marketing programs in English, Spanish, and Portuguese expanding a network of distinguished organizations representing education, business and government in 20 countries.

Dr. Miguel Cardenas, President of the ITC Group said: “We are very happy to enter this new phase of collaboration with We believe the two organizations have a lot to offer to our vast network of clients.” He continued “we will hold our Sixth Annual Meeting of network associates, coordinators and strategic allies in San Diego and San Francisco, California on January 15, 16 and 17, 2003. This is a great opportunity to learn more about our satellite-based, and online programs and how to join the network. “

The International Training Center (ITC), founded in 1984, has been a pioneer of multilingual distance learning programs via satellite on topics related to productivity and global competitiveness, serving a distinguished network of organizations in education, business and government located in twenty countries mainly in Latin America and Europe.

In addition to these satellite videoconferences, the ITC offers follow-up interactive video-workshops through ISDN-lines, and a select menu of more than 100 on-line instructional video-courses, in English, Spanish and Portuguese. The latter are meant to be used as professional enrichment and competency-building courses for engineers, managers, health specialists, lawyers and other professionals interested in expanding their capacity for interdisciplinary and international work, both in specific areas as well as in key “global competencies” such as distance activity coordination and network-building, international managerial competence (ETK), and English language proficiency and certification programs.

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