International Conference on Video and Videoconferencing in Education

February 23, 2004

The Fourth DIVERSE International Conference on Video and Videoconferencing in Education will be held at INHOLLAND University, Amsterdam, Netherlands, 28 -30 June 2004.

This is the world’s premier annual conference on video and videoconferencing with a particular focus on higher education, but not exclusively: contributors and delegates from other sectors of education are welcome. The conference attracts academics, support staff and technical specialists from all over the world, and as a relatively small conference offers high quality presentations and keynotes plus excellent opportunities to network between the formal events.

The call for contributions continues until the end of February. Full details of how to submit and/or how to register are now available on the website, which is linked to the INHOLLAND home page:

Video and videoconferencing are becoming increasingly important in implementing high quality e-learning and distance-learning. DIVERSE is a great and unique opportunity to focus on these aspects.

For more information, please contact:
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