Intellectual Property and Digital Information in Higher Education: Problems and Solutions

January 9, 2001

Temple University invites participation in an online conference to be

held April 17 through May1, 2001.

New media technologies have expanded the traditional classroom,

providing new methods of delivering educational content. As a result,

issues of intellectual property have gained prominence and caused much

debate among educators, administrators, librarians, legalists, and

others. Questions regarding who owns online course materials and what

actually comprises an online course, along with a multitude of other

concerns, are currently provoking thoughtful discussion in the academy

and beyond.

We invite educators, academics and policy makers, legal scholars and

practitioners, and creators and publishers of educational software and

content to submit papers for the conference. Please visit the conference

website for information on how to

submit a paper. You may also register for the conference via the


Conference Dates: Online sessions begin April 17, 2001 and end May 1,


Submission Deadline: February 22, 2001

Registration: February 1 – April 2, 2001