Institute for Managing and Developing E-learning

April 18, 2003

MDE Institute: Learn from Experts in a Small Group Setting

Participants at WCET’s 8th annual Institute for Managing and Developing E-learning (MDE) will learn practical lessons that they can quickly apply back home. MDE is a five-day, intensive event that covers a wide variety of issues facing e-learning professionals. The intimate setting (registration is limited) encourages learning both from fellow participants and from leading thinkers in the field.

MDE faculty guide participant learning through the entire week:

* Darcy Hardy, director, University of Texas Telecampus, again

hosts MDE and gives her humorous view on management lessons learned the hard way.

* John Witherspoon, professor emeritus, San Diego State University

assisted in the founding of NPR, PBS, and WCET and will focus on needs assessment and planning.

* Cliff Moore, Washington State University, shares lessons learned

on attracting, serving, and retaining students.

* Russell Poulin, associate director, WCET, reviews e-learning

policy issues.

MDE attracts nationally-known experts to make presentations and lead discussion sessions on a wide range of issues:

* Sally Johnstone, director, WCET: national and international

trends in the use of educational technologies to expand education both

on- and off-campus.

* Georgia Harper, manager, Intellectual Property Section, Office

of General Counsel, University of Texas System: successful intellectual property agreements and an update on the new copyright regulations.

* Gary Brown, director, The Center for Teaching, Learning and

Technology, Washington State University: the cutting edge in course design and effective methods of faculty support.

* David Lassner, CIO, University of Hawaii: what you need to

worry about in the coming future of information and education technologies.

* Steve Crow, executive director, Higher Learning Commission of

the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools: accreditation issues for e-learning.

* Kay Chitwood, director of educational technology services, Fox

Valley Technical College: using learning objects and how Wisconsin’s colleges have benefited from sharing them.

* Cyndi Rowland, director, WebAIM, Utah State University:

accessibility to e-learning technologies for individuals with disabilities.

* Cheryl Leibovitz, senior program specialist, Student Financial

Assistance Programs, U.S. Department of Education: financial aid for distance learning.

* Karen Paulson, National Center for Higher Education Management

Systems: creating evaluation strategies that inform decisions.

* Marianne Boeke, project coordinator, WCET: measuring the costs

of using educational technologies.

Summer in Park City provides recreational and entertainment opportunities for all tastes…and abilities. MDE participants have found the time to enjoy such varied activities as fly fishing, hiking, biking while others tested the local brew pubs, attended plays, shopped the boutiques, and sampled the resort’s many gourmet restaurants.

Weber State University partners with WCET to handle the registration and support roles for the MDE. For more information or to register, go to:

or contact Russell Poulin at or 303-541-0305.