Influential analyst report names Plateau a leader in Learning management system (LMS) market

February 5, 2003

ARLINGTON, VA – February 4, 2003 – Plateau Systems, a provider of enterprise software that manages all of an organization’s learning and knowledge, announced today that is has been listed as an industry leader in the latest METASpectrum Learning Management Systems (LMS) Platform report released by META Group* (NASDAQ: METG), a leading information technology research and consulting firm.

Plateau is one of a select few companies listed as a leader in the METAspectrum LMS report, which comprehensively analyzes the performance and presence of all major players in the enterprise LMS market. Both major analyst groups that publish competitive analyses of the LMS space now place Plateau Systems in the industry leader category.

According to the META report, Plateau moved into the leader quadrant “through its innovation and execution, becoming the first to market with a complete J2EE platform and focus on solution verticalization.” The report also pointed to a META group client study that concluded Plateau is one of four LMS providers appearing the most on Global 2000 LMS short lists. Plateau received “excellent” or “very good” marks in multiple categories of the METAspectrum report, including: vision/strategy, technology, awareness/reputation, execution and agility.

Plateau 4 LMS is the only enterprise-class LMS built on J2EE/EJB architecture, considered the industry standard for enterprise software. In the last year, Plateau has won the largest corporate, nonprofit and government LMS deals in the industry. The company was profitable in its last financial quarter, and will continue to be profitable throughout 2003. It has also grown its revenues by roughly 100 percent for the last two years.

“Plateau is pleased to be listed as a leader in the METAspectrum LMS report,” said Paul Sparta, Plateau’s CEO and Chairman. “META’s report validates what is occurring in the enterprise LMS market, where only a select few companies can offer the functional and technical scalability needed to comprehensively manage learning in a complex environment.”

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About Plateau

Plateau’s enterprise-class software provides the infrastructure to manage all of an organization’s learning and knowledge and enhance its intellectual supply chain. Plateau 4 Learning Management System

(LMS) schedules, launches and tracks all online and offline learning events, and is built on open, J2EE/EJB architecture. Plateau’s global clients include the American Red Cross, Federal Express, Nestle USA and the U.S. Air Force. The company was founded in 1996, and is headquartered in Arlington, Virginia. Internet Users: Plateau’s news releases, electronic press kits, media and sales contacts are available at

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