iGeneration Partners With Centra to Provide Live, Online Learning for Internet Professionals

May 10, 2001

iGeneration, the pioneer in creating Internet professionals, has partnered with Centra, to create a live synchronous Web training solution for iGeneration’s Internet training and certified professional programs. In addition, iGeneration and Centra have agreed to leverage their partnership to maximize lead generation and sales for each organization.

“We are pleased to endorse Centra as a leading provider of live online learning solutions. This partnership will allow us to greatly expand the availability and adoption of iGeneration’s Certified Professional training programs by providing additional learning options to both our corporate training partners and to individuals,” said Gary Millrood, CEO and president of iGeneration. “We look forward to expanding the strategic value of our relationship for both organizations, and to integrating Centra’s technology as a convenient, cost effective training option to meet the needs of all our customers.”

“Centra’s Partner programs provide an environment where creativity and innovation can flourish, giving forward-looking companies like iGeneration a unique opportunity to offer a new range of services to their customers,” said Alan May, vice president of Strategic Alliances. “We are united in the belief that live, eLearning can accelerate the learning process and provide a robust platform for collaboration.”

As a member of Centra’s Partner Program, iGeneration will provide its corporate customers, as well as individuals interested in advancing their Internet careers, with a live, instructor-led learning option via the Internet. Using the CentraNow platform, iGeneration’s Certified Professional training curricula and supporting learning programs will be available to better meet student needs. The CentraNow platform provides a secure and easy- to-use online work environment, allowing students and instructors to interact in real time, recreating the experience of the classroom with the added convenience of Web-based training. The CentraNow ASP offers Centra Symposium, Centra Conference, and Centra eMeeting as outsourced software solutions. CentraNow gives you the flexibility of configurable software and value-added services optimized for your particular business application and budget. Reliable IP audio conferencing enables live conversation, and eliminates expensive conference calls.

The CentraNow synchronous Web-based learning option will supplement iGeneration’s existing classroom training, Web-based training and self-study training options available to both enterprise customers and individuals seeking to become iGeneration Certified Professionals. Current iGeneration certifications available include: Creative Producer, Application Developer I and II (Java and Microsoft), Database Application Developer (Oracle), Database Administrator (Oracle), Administration Specialist and Security Specialist.

About Centra

With over 1.3 million users, Centra is the world’s leading provider of software infrastructure and ASP services for live eLearning and business collaboration. Today, hundreds of global organizations have standardized on Centra for the delivery of live eLearning, including American Express, Domino’s Pizza, ExxonMobil, EMC, Nationwide Insurance, and Procter & Gamble. Centra has a powerful ecosystem of strategic partners that include Microsoft, Oracle PricewaterhouseCoopers, Saba, Docent, and Global Knowledge. Headquartered in Boston’s technology corridor, the Company has sales offices throughout North America, Europe and Asia. For more information, visit www.centra.com.

About iGeneration

iGeneration is a unique and comprehensive resource providing skills assessment, training, certification and job connections for individuals pursuing Internet careers and for companies seeking skilled Internet talent. iGeneration provides leading companies with a benchmark for identifying top talent and a competitive edge in hiring, retaining and re-training their staff. iGeneration’s Internet Talent Network™ and innovative career blueprint provide individuals with the career guidance, assessment, training, certification, financial aid and job connections they need to dream, architect and build the Internet era. Through job-based training in technical, creative and business tracks, iGeneration certified professionals are equipped to become immediately productive members of today’s Web development teams. iGeneration Professional Certification programs have received endorsements from industry leaders including Adobe, Macromedia, Novell and Oracle, and are accredited by the Association of Internet Professionals. Headquartered in San Francisco, California, iGeneration is privately held. For more information, visit www.igeneration.com, or call 877-411-4141.