IEEE Distance Learning Campus

July 6, 2005

The Distance Learning Campus offers valuable learning opportunities exclusively to members of the IEEE Computer Society. Members may take any of 100 Web-based training courses, which are selected based on survey data and member profile records. These courses cover a variety of computing programs and subjects that include XML, AMA management skills, Java, Cisco, Windows security, Oracle, Unix, and Visual C++.

Twice a year, the Distance Learning Campus course catalog is re-evaluated and updated with new selections. Offered in partnership with KnowledgeNet, courses in the Distance Learning catalog offer presentations with voiceovers, 3-D graphics, flash animations, on-screen text, and visual sentences that turn complex concepts into easy-to-understand images. Users can take pre-assessment tests, track ongoing progress, and study at a selfdirected pace. More than 15,000 members used the Distance Learning Campus in 2003.

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