IBM selected to help Chinese Government build and strengthen China’s software development skills

September 10, 2004

Economic growth and China’s entry into the World Trade Organization have generated an enormous demand for more skilled workers in virtually every vocation and profession.

CEIAEC Director, Mr.Xu Yu, said providing world-class training programs were a challenge due to cost and time constraints.

“IBM is a recognized leader in IT training. Our collaboration with IBM enables us to deliver accessible, high-quality education that would otherwise be difficult, costly and time consuming to implement ourselves. The training program will enhance the skills of China’s workforce and the country’s ability to compete globally.”

IBM’s Workforce Development Solution will provide course-ware licensing, instructor training and evaluation criteria for instructor authorisation, as well as awarding IBM Advanced Career Education (ACE) certificates to authorized instructors and students. The IBM ACE course curriculum targets university and college students, as well as graduates in the job market, and covers professional training, basic programming in Chinese, OO/Java, Linux, e-business, and sets the standard for skills required for graduation.

Arleta Chen, Director, IBM Learning Solutions, IBM Asia Pacific, said the course was designed to keep up with the latest trends in information technology.

“The program is designed to shorten the skills gap between what students learn in the universities, and what is required working in the software industry. For individuals and organizations alike, success requires the right skills and knowledge. IBM’s learning solutions help empower students and instructors, increasing their productivity and preparing them for a competitive job market.

“Learning is part of IBM’s DNA. Since the company’s inception, we have developed training programs to attract and retain talent. IBM currently invests more than $US750 million annually to develop the knowledge and expertise of its workforce. Employees spend an estimated 17 million hours each year (about 55 hours per employee) in formal training — either through online learning activities or in a traditional classroom. Through conducting half of all employee training via e-learning, IBM realized a cost avoidance of nearly $750 million over the past two years,” she said.

Last month analyst firm International Data Corporation (IDC) recognized IBM as the industry leader in IT training for the second year in a row. The report, “The Worldwide Top 15 IT Training Providers, 2003,” positions IBM as one of the few vendors able to meet broad IT training market demands with multiple solutions. In addition, the report recognizes IBM as being at the forefront of training for advanced and emerging technologies — such as wireless, Web services and security.

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