IBM introduces personal computers with higher speeds

April 27, 2001

IBM announced five new IntelliStation M Pro workstations and 12 new NetVista A60 business and A60i home desktop systems — all boosted by advanced Intel Pentium 4 processors at speeds up to 1.7GHz.

The new IntelliStation M Pro features new Fire GL4 graphics based on IBM’s copper chip technology, increasing performance in ways designed to simplify the manipulation of large three-dimensional models.

It is the first in the industry to offer the new Fire GL4 graphics card. Microprocessors based on IBM’s copper chip technology — launched only two years ago on high-end IBM servers — improve performance dramatically as compared to chips based on aluminum. The microprocessors are smaller, denser, faster and cooler than their aluminum counterparts. They also are more reliable and less expensive to manufacture.

Other enhancements to the IntelliStation M Pro line-up include:

  • Larger hard drives, up to 40GB(3) in size, for greater storage capabilities.

  • Increased memory supported by the Intel 850 chipset with up to PC800 RAMBUS ECC, delivering more data.

  • User-friendly mechanical design allowing for tool-free access accommodating six adapters (five PCI slots, one 4X AGP Pro 50) and 7 storage devices (4 bays open).

  • More operating system choices, as systems are preloaded with Microsoft Windows 2000. IntelliStation also supports Windows NT 4.0 and Linux 6.0

The NetVista A60, designed for business users, and the NetVista A60i, built for productive individuals at home and small businesses, now feature Pentium 4 processor speeds of up to 1.7GHz.  In addition to boasting the fastest processor speeds available from Intel, the A60 and A60i desktops provide users with huge hard drives, some models featuring up to 80 gigabytes of capacity. Additionally, the A60 and A60i desktops offer four bays and four slots, providing users with a high degree of expandability.