Hyperwave launches advanced infrastructure for combined knowledge management and elearning

October 5, 2001

Knowledge management software provider Hyperwave today launches eKnowledge Infrastructure, a suite of modular knowledge management/eLearning applications incorporating content and document management, search and retrieval, workflow, collaboration and elearning. Each module can be used individually or together, providing organisations with a flexible information management environment that can be scaled to their requirements.

The eKnowledge Infrastructure provides a comprehensive environment for the publication, organisation and dissemination of information, to support the entire lifecycle of knowledge within an organisation.

“Analysts and information specialists have searched for a long time for the optimum system that brings together elearning and knowledge management in one system,” says Frank Kappe, CTO, Hyperwave. “Hyperwave’s eKnowledge Infrastructure brings an end to this search, combining technical expertise with the right social and organisational measures to ensure that the value of information within the organisation is maximised.”

“Integrating knowledge management and e-learning functionality provides far more compelling value to users than separate stand-alone systems,” says David Yockelson, senior vice president of Meta Group.

The eKnowledge Infrastructure consists of three principal products, each available either as an individual or multiple solution.

The eKnowledge Suite enables users to contribute, modify and access information utilising a comprehensive range of document and content management functions, for the set up and rapid deployment of intranet and extranet sites. To enhance collaboration in the eKnowledge Suite, Hyperwave’s optional Team Workspace module enables people in different locations to work together as virtual project teams. Team members can view all information related to a given project, including discussion threads, documents, shared calendars and all other team objects.

The eKnowledge Portal is a customisable interface for the exchange of role-based information throughout the enterprise and provides a forum for collaboration between team members and experts. It provides integration with a host of back end systems. These include leading ERP systems, messaging, groupware and other applications.

The eKnowledge Portal provides a bi-directional point of exchange for information that the company desires to push to an individual as well as the point where employees can contribute to corporate memory.

The eLearning Suite enables organisations to offer employees both ready-made and tailored web-based courses using information held in their corporate memory. Personalised profile-based training can be tailored to the requirements of individual employees, whose progress can be monitored through regular assessment. This is guaranteed through Hyperwave’s Assured Information Delivery (AID) process, which enables information to be delivered to a predefined group of individuals and ensures that it is acted upon.

The eLearning Suite uses a range of learning support tools such as discussion forums and chat rooms to enable trainees to interact with one another, tutorials, and managed interaction with course directors.

At the heart of the infrastructure is the Hyperwave IS/6, a new core architecture, which builds on Hyperwave’s proven Information Server software.

The new kernel in IS/6 utilises the enhanced functionality of industry strength databases such as Oracle, Microsoft and Sybase in the areas of transaction security, high availability and data throughput. User and group administration is facilitated through the open gateway to directories such as x.500 and Active Directory. Furthermore, the IS/6 offers users outstanding search and retrieval capabilities, utilising technology from Verity and Autonomy.

Benefits of the eKnowledge Infrastructure

  1. Rapid deployment: The time needed to set up a structured knowledge management system is greatly reduced by fully integrated, ready-built applications that can be easily personalised to the user’s requirements.

  2. Collaboration: Collaboration is central to the design of the eKnowledge Infrastructure and runs through the eKnowledge Suite, the eKnowledge Portal and the eLearning Suite, providing a truly enterprise-wide environment for the creation and exchange of information.

  3. Guaranteed – no broken links: Link integrity throughout the eKnowledge Infrastructure is maintained by Hyperwave’s link management technology. Every item of data and content is stored as a series of objects with associated attributes, which are assigned by administrators or the publisher of the information. As an object is moved, updated or deleted, all related links are updated, eliminating broken links and improving the quality of information for the user.

  4. Open architecture/industry standards: To ensure easy integration into customer environments and technology, the eKnowledge Infrastructure adheres to all industry standards such as Java, XML, WAP and WebDav.

Price and Availability

The Hyperwave eKnowledge Infrastructure is launched at the Systems 2001 show in Munich on 15th October. Price to be confirmed.

About Hyperwave

Hyperwave provides collaborative knowledge management systems that enable organisations to create and access information anywhere in the extended enterprise and deliver it to employees, customers and partners.

Hyperwave delivers the solutions through its eKnowledge Infrastructure – an integrated knowledge management/eLearning suite of applications incorporating content and document management, search and retrieval, workflow, collaboration and e learning. It also includes a portal product, providing a single personalised point of access to all information, integration with other systems, and enabling collaboration on projects.

The Hyperwave eKnowledge Infrastructure consists of three principal products that can be implemented as an individual or multiple solution: the eKnowledge Suite, the eKnowledge Portal and the eLearning Suite.

Hyperwave was founded in 1997 and very quickly established itself as a leader in knowledge management and portal-based solutions. The company has its headquarters in Germany and subsidiaries in North America, the UK, France and Switzerland, and has a research and development centre in Graz, Austria. The eKnowledge Infrastructure is based on Hyperwave’s Information Server technology, which was launched at CeBIT 1997 in Hanover, Germany, and won the BYTE magazine “Best of show award” for outstanding achievement in innovation and technology. In the same year, the European Union also awarded the product the “IT Prize for New and Innovative Products”.

Hyperwave Customers

Many of the world’s leading companies use Hyperwave technology including: BMW, DaimlerChrysler, UBS, European Commission, Porsche Informatik, Siemens, McCann-Erickson, Havas Advertising, US Department of Defense, Motorola, the Singapore Government, Banca d’Italia, Universal Music, the Bank Austria/Creditanstalt Group and R+V Insurance. For more information, visit Hyperwave at http://www.hyperwave.com.