How student teachers engage in blogging international experience in wikispaces? (Full Text in Spanish)

September 4, 2017

80 student teachers of three universities (from Australia, Chile and England) lived a collaborative working in international virtual group using wikispaces, divided in 17 groups conformed by two students from each university. They resolved the question: what is an effective learning environment for students in our contemporary world? Given five dot points agreed by all group members. The project lasted three weeks. The research questions were: How they engage and work within the construction knowledge task? Which are the attitudes and beliefs of the students about this international experience through wiki? Data were collected from wiki dialog, reflective journals transcription, and a final survey. The results shows that one group never engages on the task; eleven groups achieve only a part of the task, without collaboration, and only five groups achieve the whole task, working together. Also, they only achieve the fist phase of collaboration: share/compare information. Although there were few collaborative experiences, all students value the opportunity for talking and sharing with people of other cultures, but many of them believed it would be better to use resources that allow them synchronous communication, as chat or other.

Digital Education Review