HorizonLive March Events: Don’t Miss Dr. Saba’s Presentation

March 14, 2001

March Line-up

Why Distance Education Will Fail, and Harm Higher Education

Dr. Farhad Saba

Mar. 29, 2001 at 1:00 pm EST

Presented by: Distance-Educator.com and HorizonLive.com

Dr. Farhad Saba will be speaking about his recent article exploring the problems that reside when technology, instructional design and the organizational structure of the university converge. The complete article will be made available to those who register for the event.

Dr. Farhad Saba explains, “In many instances, since the current wave of the popularity of distance education emerged about five years ago, those of us who have been in the field close to three decades or so are witness to an unbelievable spectacle. But never before has this much attention, money, publicity, and hope been invested in distance education as the elixir that will cure the ills of education. And I believe education at a distance will fail if critical issues are not addressed.”

Dr. Farhad Saba is CEO and co-founder of Distance-Educator.com, a hub of educational information, tools, and products focusing in distance education. He is also a Professor of Educational Technology at San Diego State University and a newly appointed member of the editorial board for The American Journal of Distance Education and the Association for Distance Educators in California (ADEC). Dr. Saba specializes in distance education in his teaching, research, development, and consulting.

Three Modules on Selection Interviewing

Mar. 12 – 23, 2001

3 sessions

Presented by: The Communication Project and HorizonLive.com


Independent Film: Troma Edge TV

Florian Schura

March 21, 2001 at 5:00 pm EST

Presented by: HorizonLive.com


A Vision Worth Working Toward: Connected Education & Collaborative Change

The TLT Group

Ongoing events through April 2001

Presented by: The TLT Group XanEdu and HorizonLive.com


Measurements in the eLearning World

Barry Howard

Mar. 27, 2001 at 1:00 pm EST

Presented by: HorizonLive.com


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