HorizonLive Annouces PowerLink for WebCT

November 7, 2003

WebCT PowerLinks make it possible for institutions to augment their WebCT system through customization, integrating key technologies or extending the platform to include best-in-class applications that enhance their WebCT e-learning system. The HorizonLive PowerLink provides institutions of higher education currently using WebCT Campus Edition 4.1 with a means of blending live interaction into their online courses. HorizonLive’s live web-based collaboration tools complement WebCT courses by fostering a sense of connectedness between faculty and students, thereby creating a more familiar classroom-like setting when learning online. HorizonLive will be releasing a WebCT Vista PowerLink in early 2004.

WebCT, the world’s leading provider of integrated e-learning systems for higher education, and HorizonLive the most accessible, real-time collaboration software platform designed specifically for distance education and online, interactive communication, combine to enhance faculty efficacy and enrich the student experience through the addition of live classes, lecture halls, virtual study groups, and online office hours to any WebCT course.

”We use WebCT for online and blended instruction, but adding HorizonLive components to these courses has provided opportunities for community building that were not possible with WebCT alone,” said Sherry Clouser Clark, Instructional Technology Specialist at the University of Georgia. “Faculty and students alike are excited about the engagement and connections they experience in their HorizonLive courses.”

”We often hear from faculty and students that the live interaction one receives in a traditional face-to-face classroom is missing from most online courses,” said Walter Barandiaran, Chief Executive Officer of HorizonLive. “By adding live interaction to WebCT courses with HorizonLive, faculty and students can retain the benefits of traditional classroom-based instruction but enjoy the flexibility provided by online learning and collaboration.”

”We are pleased that HorizonLive has developed a new PowerLink for WebCT Campus Edition 4.1. This new PowerLink further extends the capabilities of WebCT Campus Edition platform by making virtual office hours and guest lecturing possible to be included within WebCT. HorizonLive’s knowledge of the academic market and support of ADL compliance and cross-platform support make them an ideal compliment to the collaboration tools available in WebCT,” said Carol Vallone, President and Chief Executive Officer of WebCT.

About WebCT
WebCT has set the standard for e-learning systems in higher education. Based in Lynnfield, MA, WebCT provides a highly flexible e-learning environment that empowers institutions across the educational spectrum with the ability to achieve their unique objectives. Thousands of colleges and universities around the world – from community colleges to large university consortia – are using WebCT to expand the boundaries of teaching and learning. For more information, please visit www.webct.com.

About HorizonLive
HorizonLive provides the most accessible, real-time collaboration software designed for distance education and online, interactive communication. HorizonLive enables educators and learning professionals to teach live online classes and lectures, conduct virtual meetings, deliver interactive webcasts, hold remote office hours, train personnel, and collaborate on student or group projects. HorizonLive’s web-based architecture ensures complete accessibility to users regardless of geographic location, bandwidth, operating system or physical disability. Based in New York City, HorizonLive is the leading solution for educators and learning professionals who want to offer their users an accessible collaborative tool. For more information, contact HorizonLive at info@horizonlive.com or (212) 533.1775.

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