High Stakes Writing, LLC, and Help U Bill Announce New Online Course on HIPAA and Correspondence

September 11, 2003

The concise course describes the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) and what it means to most businesses handling health-care information. It explains how to make simple changes in oral, written, and electronic communications to uphold the law’s new patient protections. This unique course is intended for anyone with a role in the administration or sharing of medical records – not just health-care practitioners.

A new HIPAA regulation that went into effect in April 2003 impacts almost anyone who has access to health-care records. Patients who have visited their health-care practitioner recently have probably signed a new HIPAA privacy notice, now mandatory under the regulation. The regulation that requires this notice – the HIPAA Privacy Standard – imposes a new level of accountability on the health-care and related industries, giving new privacy protection to patients’ health-care information. The regulation requires privacy training for staff handling health-care records.

At $89 retail, the course is a pricing breakthrough. Unlike most health-care practitioner compliance packages, which cost up to 10 times as much, the HSW/Help U Bill course concentrates on what each staff member must do to comply with HIPAA’s Privacy Standard. Most people who handle medical records should be able to complete the course in less than two hours and immediately apply its simple instructions.

High Stakes Writing offers on-line training courses, in-person seminars, and consulting on e-mail safety for employees and management. The new course join HSW’s growing online-training curriculum. HSW courses are offered in partnership with VCampus Corporation of Reston, Va., a leading provider of end-to-end e-learning solutions. Further details on High Stakes Writing and its services are available on the company’s website at www.highstakeswriting.com

.With offices in Falls Church and McLean, Va., Help U Bill has provided industry expertise to the health-care, telecommunications, transaction-tax, and information-technology industries for nearly 15 years. Bill Erbe is the president of Help U Bill and can be reached at the number above, at bill.erbe@helpubill.com, or through the company’s website at


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