High Performance Network Learning Solution Now Available From KeyStone Learning Systems

May 3, 2001

PROVO, Utah, May 2 — KeyStone Learning Systems™, a GlobalLearningSystems™ company, has partnered with Snap Appliances, Inc.™, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Quantum Corporation (NYSE: DSS) and manufacturer of the industry standard in workgroup Network Attached Storage (NAS) solutions, to offer a self-paced learning solution for the networked e-Learning environment. This network learning solution combines KeyStone’s content-rich, interactive training with the performance and flexibility of the Snap Server® product line. Large groups of users may simultaneously access all training courses from a network to learn at their own pace.

“Our customers tell us they want to be able to deliver KeyStone training throughout their organizations without having to purchase multiple copies of our training or manage a check-out system,” Mark Lindsay, KeyStone director of business development and OEM, said. “We find that Snap Appliances’ Snap Server gives us the ability to provide that learning solution in a very easy and affordable way. Now a corporation can implement an e-Learning solution in a matter of minutes by simply installing the Snap Server within their workgroup.”

According to Sara Spivey, vice president of marketing for Snap Appliances, “KeyStone represented a great opportunity for us to demonstrate the flexibility and functionality of our Snap Servers by delivering KeyStone’s learning content with minimal impact on a network. It really made sense for us to combine the industry standard for NAS appliances with the industry standard for self-paced training.”

KeyStone’s network learning solution enables organizations to minimize the load on a network yet take advantage of providing a full line of self-paced training courses at the end-user’s fingertips. “One of the challenges we face with our labs and networks is having enough connections and bandwidth,” Bruce Burgon, director of information technology, Marriott School of Management, Brigham Young University, said. “In one of our labs we had 20 users simultaneously access KeyStone’s training through a Snap Server and it only used between five and ten percent utilization on the network,” Burgon said.

The ability to provide training on demand helps managers reduce the expense of keeping employees’ skills current. “We incur substantial costs when we send someone away for training,” Val Arbon, software development manager at PowerQuest Corporation, said. “This is good from time to time, but not preferred. With KeyStone’s network learning solution, people can easily sit down and train whenever they want,” Arbon said.

All KeyStone courses currently offered on CD-ROM or DVD are available on any of the Snap Servers from Snap Appliances.

About KeyStone Learning Systems™

Provo-based Keystone Learning Systems is the leading provider of self-paced information technology training for corporate, education, government and individual users, software developers and networking professionals. KeyStone produces more than 1,200 software titles that are available on DVD, CD-ROM, videotape, or network-based platforms to help computer users gain the knowledge and skills they need to compete successfully in today’s rapid-changing business environment. Certified trainers with years of hands-on experience take the confusion out of learning by walking students through every step of a process or program in a clear, comfortable, user-friendly format. KeyStone was established in 1991 and is a GlobalLearningSystems company.

About GlobalLearningSystems™

GlobalLearningSystems is a total performance improvement solutions company, providing global corporate work life, Internet and new media learning. The company develops, markets and provides IT training, professional development and leadership content and support services in all new e-media and e-Learning formats. GlobalLearningSystems is inventing the future of learning by helping corporations and organizations educate, re-educate and retain their employees while enhancing the productivity and learning curve of all students.

About Snap Appliances, Inc.™

Snap Appliances, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Quantum Corporation, manufactures the Snap Server, the industry standard in workgroup Network Attached Storage (NAS) appliances. The Snap Server family of storage appliances delivers file-serving solutions for the small to medium businesses and large corporate workgroup markets. The Snap Server is an affordable NAS appliance that delivers multi-platform, file-sharing support to Windows, NetWare, Macintosh and UNIX/Linux users on the same network. Snap Appliances, 2001 Logic Drive, San Jose, CA 95124, (408) 232-6831. More information on the Snap Server series is available at www.snapappliances.com.

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