Hezel Associates’ New White Paper Guides Process for Developing a Global E-Learning Program

July 19, 2005

E-Learning continues to be the fastest-growing sub-sector of a $2.3 trillion global education market. Recent research by Hezel Associates, an education consulting firm, projects the global market for online higher education is estimated to exceed $69 billion by 2015. Institutions seeking to gain a foothold in this sector face a myriad of issues requiring market-specific information. To help guide institutions in the planning and decision-making process associated with developing a global e-learning program, Hezel Associates released a new white paper, Developing a Global E-Learning

Program: From Conceptualization to Implementation. The paper outlines four critical steps for the successful development of a global presence in the higher education market.

One critical step discussed in the paper is the selection of the best market
opportunity(s) based on institutions’ internal capacity to deliver programs and services to that market. “Examining the factors that contribute to a markets’ potential is essential in selecting a market,” said Hezel Associates president and white paper co-author, Dr. Richard T. Hezel. “The white paper presents a process to help institutions select country(s) best aligned with their goals.”

Hezel Associates’ recently completed 42-nation study, Global E-Learning Opportunity for U.S. Higher Education, reveals the political, economic, education and technology environment for each country, and provides analysis of each market’s potential. The report is designed for higher education organizations, as well as investors, foundations and others. These groups can use the report to:

    — Predict future trends in global education
    — Understand which countries best align with organizational goals
    — Formulate strategies and identify appropriate places for investment or acquisition
To download the white paper and learn more about the Global Report go to www.hezel.com/globalreport.