Hebrew University to Develop E-Learning Center Powered by SGI Technology

August 28, 2001

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (Aug. 27, 2001)-SGI (NYSE: SGI), the leading provider of high-performance computing and visualization solutions for technical and creative users, has been selected by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem to provide the technology to develop a new e-learning center for the University’s Faculty of Medicine.

Hebrew University is renowned for providing a high-tech learning environment for its medical students, and this center, launched in July, is designed to expand and improve the electronic learning and teaching facilities available at the university and to assist in the development of new teaching and learning technologies.

SGI is offering the Hebrew University School of Medicine a complete solution called ContinUlearnTM, which enables synchronous and asynchronous rich-media distributed learning. ContinUlearn is powered by world-class SGI media serving, Arel’s Ideal suite of e-learning software and Kasenna’sTM MediaBase media streaming software. Together, SGI and Arel provide the services necessary to integrate the solution with customers’ content to meet customers’ specific needs.

At the core of the e-learning Center will lie a computer farm that consists of 100 PCs powered by SGI for media streaming. Each of these units will enable students to access applications such as:

  • The Information Access Centre – A central facility from which a large number of students will be able to access resources such as Web-based course materials, bibliographic and scientific databases and administrative information

  • Electronic and virtual classrooms – Access to electronic and virtual classrooms will fulfill the need to teach semielectronic-instructed courses to a large number of students and allow students to be connected electronically for fully interactive distance learning sessions. These sessions will be made possible by video conferencing tools, shared and interactive whiteboards, application sharing and multipoint video and audio access

  • Computer imaging and modeling – Kasenna MediaBase and Arel Ideal e-Learning software will help expose students to advanced computer imaging and modeling techniques

    The continUlearn solution will also incorporate a digital asset management system used to create a digital-video library that is capable of transmitting live and stored digital video to multiple viewers-scheduled or on-demand. SGITM technology will also power video conferencing facilities, which will enable the university to run fully interactive learning sessions.

Anat Peled, sales account manager for sciences at SGI Israel, comments on the e-learning center project: “This is a great example of the SGI media streaming solution. Supported by Kasenna MediaBase software and Arel’s Ideal e-Learning software, we have been able to provide the complete ContinUlearn solution enabling tools such as interactive TV, video-on-demand and digital asset management for the digital library.”

Diego Kramer, computerization manager at Hebrew University, adds: “Recent developments in teaching and learning technologies have led to an unprecedented use of computers in medical education. At Hebrew University, we have already developed Web-based study programs and facilities that use sophisticated computer technology, such as a computerized anatomy dissection laboratory.

“Powered by SGI technology, the e-learning center will allow us to offer every student in the faculty of medicine access to state-of-the-art computer-based learning technology and create a new environment in the teaching of medicine and medical sciences.”

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