Hatsize Enhances User Experience in Online IT Training

November 25, 2002

The TrueLab component features a remote collaborative access component for students to each be able to access live PCs loaded with specific software or operating systems ranging from Windows, UNIX, Linux and even NetWare. Collaboration capabilities built into the lab software facilitate sharing of virtual desktops between students and their instructor or mentor.

Hatsize also features a complete PC image library of operating systems and applications that can be dynamically loaded depending on training needs. While many classes can use these image templates as a starting point, the environment can also be tailored to a particular company, OS or application as needed.

TrueLab also includes scheduling and automation capabilities that give customers the ability to have multiple classes running at various times throughout the day on the same online PC’s. “Companies like the flexibility of being to schedule TrueLab. For example they can have a MS Outlook class in the morning, a Advanced windows 2000 course in the afternoon and an NDS class in the evening all using the same TrueLab hardware for the each of the different classes. It becomes even more powerful for worldwide training where the same student PC infrastructure can be used for 24hr training.” says Dean Hardy, Hatsize President.

TrueLab technology works seamlessly with other collaboration tools such as LearnLinc, Webex, Centra, Elluminate, Interwise or Placeware, and together allowing complete replication of a traditional PC classroom including lecture, slides, demonstrations, whiteboard, and hands on labs – completely online.

The services component of Hatsize includes custom virtual PC configuration, custom software installations, implementation support, sales and marketing support for TrueLab Authorized Providers, and ongoing management support to help our partners manage their customers transition to training in the TrueLab environment.