Harvard ManageMentor® PLUS – New Product from Harvard Business School Publishing

September 27, 2002

The Online Resource for Managers In a Hurry Offers an Enriched Learning Experience

September, 2002 – Harvard Business School Publishing has unveiled an enhanced version of Harvard ManageMentor®, the online performance support tool for managers in a hurry. Harvard ManageMentor PLUS continues to provide managers with a fast, effective resource that helps them tackle the daily challenges of business while offering an enriched learning environment with greater feedback, more interactivity, and the ability to practice the lessons learned.

Like earlier versions of Harvard ManageMentor, users can access Harvard ManageMentor PLUS easily, seeing improvements in an aspect of their performance within minutes. For example, when a manager consults the Negotating program just before meeting with a potential new partner, she’s armed with an array of tactics to develop an agreement that meets the needs of the partner while achieving the best terms for her company.

The Harvard ManageMentor PLUS edition augments the content within the program’s 33 topics with new sections that help managers get the most learning for a small time investment. These new sections include:

• What Would You Do: Sound-enhanced scenarios bring a potential problem to life and offer advice on how a manager might respond to the situation.

• Where Should You Focus: An exercise that helps users quickly identify the concepts within the program they most need to review.

• Interactive Practice: Each topic invites users to participate in an interactive scenario, make decisions, and receive immediate feedback on their choices.

A demo of Harvard ManageMentor PLUS is available at www.harvardmanagementor.com/demo.

“The popularity of Harvard ManageMentor, with more than 2 million users over the past five years, demonstrates the value managers place on its tactical, practical advice on core business activities. Harvard ManageMentor PLUS maintains the simplicity of the earlier versions while offering users an enriched learning experience, with audio elements and more personalized feedback based on their individual responses to the scenarios,” said Jonathon Levy, vice president of eLearning at Harvard Business School Publishing. “Our aim is to help our customers get the most out of their investment by helping managers gain immediate and lasting value from the programs.”


Harvard ManageMentor PLUS is easily installed on a corporate intranet, with Flash 4.0 required for the audio and interactive components. Harvard ManageMentor PLUS is also available as a hosted Internet application. Harvard ManageMentor PLUS can be easily customized and includes a complimentary implementation tool kit to provide a smooth introduction into organizations.

About Harvard ManageMentor

Harvard ManageMentor brings fundamental information and resources to managers with just a few clicks of the mouse. Each topic provides top-line, practical information addressing the key challenges managers and project leaders face every day – in an accessible format that can be used quickly and easily to immediately enhance on the job effectiveness. More than two million managers worldwide have access to Harvard ManageMentor.

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