Harvard Business School Publishing Elearning Introduces Case In Point, A New Product Line For Middle To Senior Level Managers

February 24, 2004

BOSTON – February 24, 2004 – Harvard Business School Publishing, the highly regarded publisher of premier online leadership programs, today announced a new product line designed specifically for middle to senior level managers. Case in Point’s innovative learning approach delivers top quality content in a format that meets the learning needs of leaders in today’s organizations.

Case in Point is a series of short online scenarios presenting real management challenges by combining the online review of a case study with a detailed discussion plan for facilitated group problem-solving. Case in Point is also available in a version for self-directed learning.

Each Case in Point focuses on a single leadership or management topic, from “Overseeing Change” to “The Coach’s Role” to “Delegating for Growth.” The Case in Point approach addresses time demands while offering an immersion experience that encourages total engagement of the participants, enables participants to relate the case concepts to their own business environment, and ultimately, results in leaders who are better prepared for current and future challenges.

Companies are placing an ever greater focus on making the most of their facilitated training sessions. With Case in Point, HBSP’s combined expertise in both eLearning and the case method provides facilitators with a framework for a blended learning session while simultaneously giving them the flexibility to make it their own.

“Customers tell us that they are implementing blended learning for leadership and management skills in earnest, and they have asked us for more top quality programs with extensive guidance on conducting a facilitated discussion,” said Maureen Betses, vice president of eLearning. “Case in Point meets that need by presenting superior content in such as way as to enable groups to resolve problems in a dynamic, interactive setting and learn through the experiences and perspectives of others. Through this approach, all participants – including the facilitator – derive maximum benefit from the session. With HBSP’s current eLearning programs, our customers have achieved significant results in their organizations; their initial response to Case in Point as a valuable resource for developing middle and senior managers has been extremely encouraging.”

The first 10 Case in Points will be available in April 2004 with the plan to rapidly expand the library. Case in Point includes the case scenario, facilitation guide, resource articles, summaries of the concepts and application tools.

About HBSP eLearning
Harvard Business School Publishing (HBSP) is a wholly owned, not-for-profit subsidiary of Harvard University. The HBSP eLearning division provides online leadership and management programs to a growing list of over 500 corporate eLearning clients worldwide. Combining premier content with flexible technology, HBSP eLearning is transforming the way that important management ideas are shared in the workplace. HBSP offers three comprehensive lines of online training programs to meet the varied learning needs of its customers: Harvard ManageMentor®, Leadership Essentials, and Case in Point.www.eLearning.hbsp.org