HaiVision Announces H.264 Video Encoder/Decoder

September 14, 2004

The new multi-format HM2 codec blade adheres to the H.264 standard as defined in section 10 of the international MPEG-4 specifications, ensuring complete inter-operability with other vendors who comply with the standard. Moreover, the HM2 is designed to meet the same stringent technical performance levels defined by HaiVision’s award winning MPEG-2 codec systems, i.e. highest picture quality, lowest end-to-end latency (90 ms), highest jitter tolerance and highest MTBF. Such performance is required for mission critical systems where HaiVision’s products have rapidly become the industry standard.

“HaiVision is committed to clients who have deployed our systems in demanding telecom environments that require upgrade paths and technology transition with minimal user and network infrastructure disruption,” states Francois Gariepy, President of HaiVision. “Our clients understand performance, reliability, and consistency, and look forward to our support throughout their transition to new standards.”

HaiVision’s product line, based on a flexible frame and blade design, facilitates the introduction of new technologies and standards while preserving continuity of existing operations. The HM2 blade is fully compatible with installed hai500 Series and MAC500 systems to allow seamless infrastructure migration toward the new compression technology without affecting operations or requiring a complete system upgrade. In fact, existing users of HaiVision’s systems will be able to run both H.264 and MPEG-2 in parallel during the migration period. The new HM2 blade will be available in volume in early 2005.

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