“Grapes of Wrath” Interactive Videoconference

October 13, 2002

Videoconferencing locations are San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Bakersfield. The program will be webcast from CSU Dominguez Hills at:


Our presenters are looking forward to this statewide opportunity to promote and tie together the activities around the California Council on the Humanities’ “California Stories.” Humanities Council’s Executive Director Jim Quay will join me in San Francisco to introduce the program. UCLA’s California Center for the Book Director Natalie Cole will share what “Grapes” events and activities are going on around the state. Los Angeles Public Library’s Anne Connor will then say a bit about what is happening in

LA. Kern County Library’s Beale Memorial Library will host Doris Weddell,

co-founder of Lamont Chamber of Commerce’s Dust Bowl Days Festival at Sunset Camp, local historical expert on the history of the Arvin Migratory Farm Labor Camp, its innovative school for the camp children, and the history of migrant “okies” to Kern County. I’m looking forward to learning more about Bakersfield yesterday and today.

How can you join us in this webcast? Go to http://dominguezonline.csudh.edu

and click on “Online Demo” to prepare your computer for this webcast. Then you are ready to join the webcast – so be sure to check your workstation’s readiness at least 15 minutes ahead of time – or right now! (see end of this posting for more technical suggestions from CSU Dominguez Hills.)

For technology fans: SBC Pacific Bell is demonstrating Primary Rate ISDN (PRI), a Tandberg 6000 videobridge in San Francisco and Polycom ViewStation units in Los Angeles and Bakersfield for multipoint videoconferencing and internet connection to CSU Dominguez Hills. Our line speeds will be 384K, the equivalent of 3 ISDN lines to each location including CSU Dominguez Hills Department of Extended Education’s DHOnline.

This event is made possible via the contributions and support of the California State University Dominguez Hills, The California Center for the Book, The California Council on the Humanities, The California State Library Rural Initiative Program, Kern County Library’s Beale Memorial Library, Penguin Books, AVACAST, the Alliance for Distance Educators in California (ADEC), SBC Pacific Bell Executive Communications Centers, and SBC Pacific Bell EDUCATION FIRST.

Special thanks to Van Bridgeman and his broadcast operations studio crew at CSU Dominguez Hills.