Global Science & Technology Week

April 18, 2002

During Global Science

and Technology Week (GSTW) our nation will highlight the international nature

of science and underscore the importance of math and science education in today’s

era of globalization.

Speaking to the heart of the JASON Foundation for Education’s mission to inspire

in students a lifelong passion to pursue learning in science, math and technology

through exploration and discovery, we encourage all students, teachers, parents

and communities to take part in GSTW. The JASON Foundation for Education supports

the GSTW mission to emphasize to students that mathematics is our world’s universal

language and science is our planet’s common ground.

A wide range of public and private organizations are developing GSTW outreach

activities to excite and engage young students about math and science. For an

up-to-date listing of activities in your area, visit the GSTW Web site.

JASON teachers and students are invited to be creative and plan events for

GSTW too! All events will be included on the GSTW Web site. As a start, JASON

teachers can:

Engage students in GSTW online Web casts and classroom activities – watch the

GSTW Web site for continued updates.

Accept the GSTW Mentoring Challenge – Initiate a "math and science mentoring

program" in your local community. Find volunteers from community organizations,

school clubs or other interested citizens to donate time tutoring young students

in math and science.

On the GSTW Web site you will find resources designed to assist in planning

and implementing your own GSTW activities and a response form to make sure your

activity is included on the site.

In conjunction with JASON Capitol Hill Day, JASON participants are invited

to celebrate GSTW at the Capitol Hill Day reception April 30, from 5:30-7:30

p.m. in Room B354 Rayburn House Office Building. Stay tuned for more information

about JASON/GSTW activities during Capitol Hill Day.