Global Nomads Group Teams With PictureTel To Deliver Global Classroom

March 1, 2001

NEW YORK, NY — Global Nomads Group (GNG), an interactive educational broadcasting organization today announced a strategic partnership with PictureTel Corporation (NASDAQ:PCTL), the world leader in integrated collaboration.

GNG will use the PictureTel 760XL system to conduct virtual field trips for K-12 students in the US and abroad.

Global Nomads Group uses videoconferencing as a unique way to bridge cultural misconceptions and to promote dialogue between students who would not ordinarily have the opportunity to travel to foreign countries. Videoconferencing enables educators to integrate live, in-country learning, into their curricula. Students from different countries can learn from and about each other, visit environmental projects, and talk with experts based in foreign countries, without leaving their classroom.

Says GNG co-founder Christopher Plutte: “as videoconferencing is our main tool to promote international learning among students, PictureTel’s support is extremely vital to our work. We look forward to a long-term partnership.”

“By providing Global Nomads Group with the technology to bring students together from all over the globe, PictureTel is helping GNG pave the way for greater cultural understanding and acceptance among the world’s younger generations,” states Lew Jaffe, President, PictureTel. “Educational technology initiatives, such as these being undertaken by GNG, benefit everyone involved. They provide a window to the world for the leaders of tomorrow, while illustrating the key role technology plays in today’s global marketplace.”

“We’ve used the PictureTel 760XL in the past and we love it. It’s light enough to be carried literally anywhere and it’s extremely simple to use. We’ve used it in extreme conditions while conducting live remote broadcasts from Petra in Jordan, to the top of a Mayan temple in the jungles of Honduras, and it never let us down”, says Plutte.

About PictureTel

PictureTel Corporation (NASDAQ:PCTL) is the world leader in developing, manufacturing, and marketing a full range of visual- and audio- collaboration platforms. PictureTel also owns 1414c, a communications ASP that greatly simplifies the network complexity inherent in mixed rich media collaboration.

PictureTel markets network conferencing servers in addition to the complete range of end-point products and delivers a global capability to service, support, and provide complete solutions for customers needing rich media communications. PictureTel is fundamentally in the business of eliminating the barrier of distance, enabling people to be Anywhere Now.™

About Global Nomads Group

Created in 1998, Global Nomads Group is a 501c(3) non-profit organization dedicated to promoting cross-cultural dialogue and understanding among youth. Using videoconferencing and satellite communications technology, GNG moderates conferences between K-12 classes in different countries, organizes virtual lectures, and conducts remote broadcasts from the world’s historical and cultural sites.

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