Global Mentoring Releases v4.0 of Real-Time Mentoring Solution

April 1, 2004

“The latest version of Real-Time Mentoring enables us to deliver live support to online learners even faster and more effectively, which in turn helps companies realize greater impact and program payback from learning initiatives,” notes Wayne Goldstein, Global Mentoring’s CEO. “It’s an important step in our commitment to relevant and timely support solutions that result in greater retention and job performance.”

Real-Time Mentoring provides an interactive learning environment for live exchange with instructors and peers in a classroom setting. As a lifeline to expert guidance, learners have access to certified instructors 24 hours a day, seven days a week for anytime, anywhere training support.

In addition to an even easier to navigate interface, new features of Real-Time Mentoring v4.0 include:

    1. Real-Time, Application View: Learner and mentor share identical views of an application on the fly in a separate, secure environment. Enables a mentor to demonstrate concepts in real-time while the learner watches. Learners can also work through concepts in this environment under the mentor’s observation for hands-on reinforcement.
    2. Enhanced Resources, Hands-On Reinforcement: gives learners direct access to Global Mentoring’s Real-Time Labs while in a support classroom, for instant hands-on practice and reinforcement. Direct links to additional resources such as reference materials are also available.
    3. Transcript Recording: a student’s complete interaction with an instructor, including screenshots, can be recorded for later review and reinforcement.
    4. Encryption: fortifies enterprise security. Data and software are maintained on Global Mentoring’s ASP platform, keeping learner desktops free of any program related commands or from open access to company infrastructure.
    5. Access Management: enables organizations to control learner access to specific classrooms or topic areas for support that’s aligned to program objectives.
    6. Voice Over IP: Enables mentors to speak with learners through their PCs for real-time, audio dialogue, eliminating the need to place a call for additional support.
Real-Time Mentoring can be seamlessly deployed through a learning management system (LMS) or through the NETgLearning platform, a content server, or direct Web access.

A featured sponsor at NETglobal in San Antonio, March 24-26, 2004, Global Mentoring will be showcasing Real-Time Mentoring at the event’s Cyber Café. Further information and online demos are available by calling 877.314.4872 or visiting

About Global Mentoring
Based in Columbia, Maryland, Global Mentoring Solutions provides real-time, Web-based training support solutions for government, corporate and education. The company’s Real-Time MentoringSM and Real-Time LabsSM provide anytime, anywhere learner support and reinforcement, and help reduce training costs and enhance individual and organizational performance. Global Mentoring’s ability to deliver relevant, scalable learning solutions that are both comprehensive and simple to use is what makes us the preferred provider for today’s global organizations. For more information, call 877-314-4872 or visit