Global 2000 Companies Rely On Harvard Business School Publishing For Online Leadership And Management Training

May 19, 2003

SAN DIEGO (ASTD Conference, Booth #1222) – May 19, 2003 – Global 2000 companies are increasingly turning to eLearning to enhance their organizational development initiatives and to provide their employees with greater opportunities to learn new skills. For many, that means using eLearning programs as part of a blended learning solution aimed at improving the practice of management and developing leadership capabilities.

Harvard Business School Publishing, the highly regarded publisher of premier online leadership and management programs, today announced that in its first few months in the market, a rapidly growing number of Global 2000 companies have selected Harvard ManageMentor® PLUS, the enriched version of one of the most popular online performance support tool for management and leadership on the market today. Harvard ManageMentor® PLUS is proving to be the eLearning program of choice for companies looking to provide their employees with just-in-time tips and techniques for developing their management and leadership skills.

The organizations who have selected Harvard ManageMentor® PLUS represent a wide range of industries, including: pharmaceutical, automotive, consulting, consumer goods, energy, financial services, government, healthcare, media, and technology and communications.

Among the leading organizations who have implemented Harvard ManageMentor® PLUS and other eLearning programs from HBSP are: Booz Allen Hamilton, E.ON, Experian, Ford Motor Company, Hewlett-Packard, Hong Kong Police Force, Humana, U.S. Navy, Rockwell Collins, Seagate Technology, PMC-Sierra, Nestle, Habitat for Humanity International, and Johnson Controls, Inc.

The U.S. Navy has an ongoing commitment to provide cutting edge leadership training to Sailors throughout its ranks. Driven by a desire to break new ground in leadership training, the Navy recently launched the Center for Naval Leadership (CNL), an entity dedicated to developing a blended learning solution that draws on best practices and lessons learned from private industry, academia, and the other Armed Forces. Through interactive resources available on the portal Navy Knowledge Online (NKO), CNL offers Sailors of every rank, both active and reserve, the opportunity to identify and strengthen the leadership skills that Sailors must possess to ensure the Navy’s continuing success.

“Harvard ManageMentor® PLUS is a prime example of the best in business resources the Navy is tapping into to give the Sailors the tools and opportunities to achieve excellence,” said Captain Sain, Commanding Officer, Center for Naval Leadership.

“More than 2 million managers worldwide have access to Harvard ManageMentor®, which has been on the market since 1997,” said Maureen Betses, vice president of higher education and eLearning, Harvard Business School Publishing. “In our view, customers are flocking to this new, enhanced version because it’s the right content presented in the right format for companies who are committed to giving their employees the best management and leadership training.”

The eLearning programs from Harvard Business School Publishing are aimed at providing organizations with fast, effective resources that help them tackle the daily challenges of business. Harvard ManageMentor® and the other eLearning programs from HBSP offer customers access to premier content gathered from the world’s foremost subject experts and delivered in a flexible, easy-to-use format.

About Harvard Business School Publishing eLearning

Harvard Business School Publishing (HBSP) is a wholly owned, not-for-profit subsidiary of Harvard University. The HBSP eLearning division provides online leadership and management programs to a growing list of over 500 corporate eLearning clients. Combining premier content with flexible technology, HBSP eLearning is transforming the way that important management ideas are shared in the workplace. The eLearning programs include Harvard ManageMentor®, Leadership Transitions, Managing Change, Decision Making, Coaching for Results, Influencing and Motivating Others and more.

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