Glasgow Caledonian University chooses folio by ePortaroTM

August 9, 2004

Glasgow Caledonian University is the first UK University to purchase folio, the leading enterprise level, electronic portfolio system from the UK distributor Sentient Learning. Since March 2004, Sentient Learning has already received an exceptional amount of interest from UK institutions and vocational training colleges.

folio is designed to support reflection, growth, accomplishment and collaboration of vocational and educational experiences. folio enables the portfolio owners to demonstrate their skills, competencies, personality and mastery, to third parties over the internet. Glasgow Caledonian University will be implementing folio in September 2004, joining Stanford and Drexel, two major US universities; and other institutions in Europe and Australia .

Dr. Joe Chalmers, ePortaro President commented:
“ePortaro is delighted that our partnership with Sentient Learning is off to such a great start with the first UK customer for the folio system. Glasgow Caledonian University will be joining leading universities in America, Australia and Europe in offering the most powerful, multi-purpose electronic portfolio system available to their students and academic staff. We are pleased that Sentient Learning’s established position will bring us rapid expansion in the UK and the Republic of Ireland.”

As an existing customer of Sentient DISCOVER v2.0, Glasgow Caledonian University will be among the first to utilise this leading electronic portfolio system to facilitate the achievement of the PDP Network criteria. The combined benefits of both Sentient DISCOVER v2.0 and folio will significantly improve student achievement, satisfaction and retention.

Tom Finnigan, Director of Learner Support Learning and Information Services, GCU commented:
“Glasgow Caledonian University required a product that was flexible and user friendly to support the implementation of personal progress files across the University. After careful consideration by the academic staff, the University Senate approved the adoption of folio as the product best able to meet the needs of the diverse academic community of Glasgow Caledonian University.

The benefits of the system are that it is flexible enough to allow the various Schools within the University to adopt their own approaches to supporting their students. It is user friendly and therefore does not present any technological barriers to staff or students. It also allows the student to have ownership of their own progress file and to be in control of how they wish the information to be shared between their peers and also with external bodies and potential employers.”

For additional information about folio, please visit or, additionally phone or email to arrange an online demonstration.

Contact Information:
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Sentient Learning
Ceri.mccall@sentientlearning. com
+44 (0) 151 188 1081

John Judd [VicePresident-Sales]
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