Gilat Communications Launches Live e-Learning at UlbraUniversity , Brazil

May 1, 2001

Petach Tikva, Israel, April 30, 2001 – Gilat Communications Ltd. (NASDAQ; GICOF), a global leader in learning using advanced, blended e-Learning techniques and technologies, today announced that it has successfully launched a live e-Learning system in the broadband environment of Ulbra University, one of Brazil’s most prestigious educational institutions.

Ulbra University purchased the TrainNet(tm) system to transmit interactive lessons in real time from the central campus in Canoas, located in Rio Grande Do Sul in southern Brazil, to twelve classrooms scattered throughout the country. The scale of the project is estimated to be around $1 million. Brazil suffers from a lack of good lecturers in districts that are remote from educational centers and the major cities. This problem has led to considerable gaps in education occurring between the north and south. Using Gilat Communications’ advanced TrainNet technology, the best lecturers from Ulbra University can broadcast live, interactive lessons to the north of Brazil.

Students can see the lecturer and respond to questions in real time. TrainNet is proving very successful in Brazil, and additional systems are expected to be installed in universities and in large private organizations, that will use the systems for internal employee training. Gidi Nimoy, VP Marketing and Sales at Gilat Communications, noted that the successful implementation of TrainNet in Brazil was an important stepping-stone on the way to Gilat’s expansion into the Latin American e-Learning market. “Latin America is a developing market with huge requirements in the fields of learning and e-Learning solutions,” said Mr. Nimoy. “Gilat Communications is proud to lead the way in e-Learning in that region.” Daniel Berneman, South American Regional Sales Manager for Gilat Communications, remarked that TrainNet was quickly installed to the client’s complete satisfaction, both at the product level, and at the level of implementation and ongoing support. “Gilat Communications offers a mature and proven solution, enabling organizations and universities to leverage their teaching ability on the basis of existing resources and achieve high training standards,” said Mr. Berneman. “The project in Brazil proves that the e-Learning concept, and Gilat Communications’ technology, together make it possible to turn the vision of distance learning into reality.”

About Ulbra

The Lutheran University of Brazil (ULBRA), a confessional Institution of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Brazil (IELB), is one of the most prestigious universities in Brazil. The university is located in Canoas, State of Rio Grande do Sul, with 20 schools and 12 campi in various other states in Brazil. Established in 1911, and with 55,208 students currently enrolled, ULBRA offers various courses from preschool, elementary, middle school, high school and technical school, as well as undergraduate and graduate degrees. Their web site:

About Gilat Communications

Gilat Communications, Ltd. [NASDAQ:GICOF], is a global leader in learning using advanced, blended e-learning techniques and technologies. Gilat Communications formed Mentergy, its North American e-Learning operation, by merging Allen Communication with LearnLinc Corporation. TrainNet(tm), Gilat’s comprehensive broadband IDL solution allows organizations to conduct instructor-led or self-paced sessions utilizing computers, telephone, Internet connections and broadband communications. John Bryce Training is Gilat’s European IT training and content company, and is one of the leading providers of IT training services in Europe and the Middle East.

Norm Ainslie

Mentergy Marketing Manager