Get Educated Releases 100% Free Guide: Best Distance Learning Graduate Schools, Business & Management 2002

November 15, 2001, LLC, has released the first in a series of 100% free college guides designed to help consumers understand and access graduate distance learning degrees.

“The rise of Internet education has given consumers unparalleled choice in where they earn higher education credentials,” confides Vicky Phillips, guidebook author and CEO of, “but at the same time the Internet remains a dimly-lit educational supermarket. A new generation of wired learners needs to learn how to shop intelligently for education online.”

“Our research uncovered 99 accredited distance learning MBA programs. The cost of an accredited distance learning MBA ranges from over $95,000 to under $3,000. We are designing our free guide series to help consumers select their personal best buy,” explains Phillips.

Get Educated’s Best Distance Learning Graduate Schools: Business & Management 2002 is a free 128-page, downloadable consumer’s guide to the best accredited distance learning graduate schools operating in the USA today.

Get Educated’s free guide profiles master’s, doctorates and career certificates offered via distance learning means: Accounting, Agribusiness, Business Administration, E-Commerce, Engineering Management, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Health Care Administration, Information Systems Management, International Business, Leadership, Management, Marketing, Medical Management, Organizational Behavior, Project Management, Technology Management, and more.

The 128-page, free PDF guidebook includes:

Profiles of 158 programs that offer post-baccalaureate distance learning master degrees, doctorates or advanced career certificates in business, management or administration.

Directory to 99 accredited distance-learning MBAs (Master of Business Administration degrees) – 43 of these accredited by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business International (AACSB).

Listings of the Top 10 least expensive regionally accredited and AACSB accredited distance learning MBAs.

FAQs on accreditation, including how to spot and avoid online degree mills.

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