GeoLearning’s E-Learning Starter Kit is the Answer to “Where Do I Start?”

January 11, 2001

Free e-learning resource kit includes planning workbook, ROI calculator,

evaluation criteria and more.

WEST DES MOINES, IA, January 10, 2001- “The E-Learning Starter Kit was developed in response to the confusion and uncertainty we’ve seen in the

online learning marketplace,” explains Frank Russell, president of

e-learning systems provider GeoLearning, Inc. “With well over 100 learning

management system providers to choose from and literally thousands of online

courses available,’Where do I start?’ is a question we hear quite frequently

from clients and partners.

With that exact question in mind, GeoLearning developed the E-Learning

Starter Kit, a comprehensive resource package indentifying the key pieces of

information that can mean the difference between e-learning success and

failure. “Whether you’re new to e-learning, have some experience, or

consider yourself an e-learning expert, the materials included in the

E-Learning Starter Kit will help get you started down the road to a

successful e-learning launch,” promises Russell.

Human resource executives, training managers and others charged with

implementing e-learning in their organizations can request a free E-Learning

Starter Kit online at

The resources included in the The Kit will show users how to:

  • Calculate the cost-savings and ROI of implementing e-learning in

    your organization(free calculator diskette included).

  • State your case for implementing e-learning in your organization and

    win management buy-in (PowerPoint resources included).

  • Make informed decisions on e-content like online courseware and live

    webcasting services…and whether or not they should be hosted on internal

    or external servers.

  • Select a Learning Management System that meets your specific

    e-learning objectives.

  • Understand your organization’s technical infrastructure and how it

    can affect your e-learning platform.

  • Understand what chat, scheduling and other communication

    technologies can do to enhance and reinforce the e-learning experience.

  • Promote e-learning and capitalize on your training investment.

The cornerstone of The Kit is The E-Learning Workbook. Subtitled “25

Questions to a Successful E-Learning System Launch,” the workbook is a

series of questions that get organizations thinking about the major

decisions that need to be made prior to implementing an e-learning system.

“By helping organizations define the objectives, strategies, resources,

functionality and technical aspects of their project, the workbook will

naturally lead to the development of a requirements document,” explains

Russell. “From there, with the end-result clearly defined, they can begin to

objectively evaluate the many providers of systems, courses and e-learning


About GeoLearning, Inc.

GeoLearning is a leading developer and provider of e-learning systems and

Web-based training solutions for organizations around the world, including

Fortune 1000 companies, government agencies and educational institutions.

The Geo Learning Center is an enterprise-wide learning system for the

development, management, tracking and delivery of Web-based training that

combines a Web-based Learning Management System (LMS) with a unique 3-D user

interface. The system also includes a course authoring tool, test and survey

creation engine, live webcasting capability, product library system,

e-commerce package, online research library and a host of powerful real-time

chat, scheduling and communication features.

Customers who have deployed GeoLearning.’s e-learning solutions include

leading organizations such as ABB Automation, Inc., MidAmerican Energy,

Berlitz International (NYSE: BTZ), SITEL Corporation (NYSE: SWW), Wells

Fargo Home Mortgage (NYSE: WFC), Pioneer Hi-Bred International (a Dupont

company), VWR Scientific Products, DLJdirect (NYSE: DIR), the Defense Supply

Center of Columbus and the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs & Trade.

The company currently provides Web-based training to over 300,000 people

from more than 85 countries around the world. Additional information about

GeoLearning can be found on the Web at

Note: A complete archive of GeoLearning press releases can be found in “The

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