GeoLearning Releases GeoMaestro 4.3 with Enhanced Reporting Functionality

June 7, 2004

GeoMaestro™ is an Internet-hosted human capital management and development platform that enables organizations to capture, create, manage and share knowledge to improve workforce productivity, accelerate critical business processes, and drive organizational performance. The system centralizes and automates the entire learning management process, making the administration of enterprise learning and development both effective and efficient.

GeoMaestro 4.3 provides even more flexibility and enhanced administrative functionality to enable organizations to manage complex learning environments,” said Frank Russell, president and CEO of GeoLearning. “We are particularly excited about our new dynamic reporting tool that will allow customers to create an infinite number of report templates and meet virtually any reporting need without customizations.”

GeoMaestro 4.3 New Features:

  • Dynamic Reporting Tool – Flexible and dynamic Web-based reporting engine provides unlimited ad hoc report generation capabilities. The tool’s advanced filtering and report delivery options make complex reporting routine. Users can create an unlimited number of report templates, edit existing reports, save frequently used reports, and share reports with colleagues using an easy-to-use Web-based report wizard.
  • Robust Competency Management – Exxceed‘s CompetencyPlus and Competency Dictionary have been integrated with the GeoMaestro LMS to provide robust competency management capabilities with more than 470 job profiles and over 10,000 behavioral and technical competencies in the areas of business, management, soft skills, finance, marketing, telecom, information technology, communications, networking, engineering, sciences and trades.
  • Training Vendor Administration – New Vendor Administration interface enables training administrators to manage vendors approved to do business with the organization.
  • Improved Classroom Scheduling – Classroom Scheduler now tracks additional information such as reasons for class cancellations, reasons for a student to have dropped a class, and the way in which the class is primarily presented to students. Drop and cancellation reasons are communicated to students, instructors and supervisors by automated e-mails.

    A new Hotel Management capability allows administrators to manage approved hotels when training requires overnight travel. Administrators can select a hotel and a training facility for a class and provide directions between the two for enrolled students.

  • Most Popular/Featured Courses – The Searchable Course Catalog now enables system administrators to highlight specific courses called “Featured Courses.” Courses might be featured if they are mandatory or highly recommended. Featured Courses show up first in the learner’s catalog view. The catalog also tracks course popularity by assigning “points” to a courses when, for example, a student views the course description, self-registers for the course, or if the course is a featured course. Popular courses appear at the top of returned searches similar to a Web search engine ranking.
  • Registration Approval Process – Both classroom-based and online training registrations can optionally route through an automated approval process on a per-student basis. If a student does not have appropriate access for a course, they can request registration from the system administrator or their supervisor. Supervisors and administrators can then view the request queue and choose to approve or deny. Automatic emails notify learners that their request has been approved or denied.
  • Automated SF-182 Process – Originally a federal government training request procedure, GeoLearning has partially automated the process to include a request document and a customizable approval route for that document. This procedure is typically used to manage requests for training outside the scope of an organization’s training department. The process also tracks the cost of the training and allows for final approval from an accounting source.
  • Customizable Online Resources – Administrator can now customize, update and categorize online resources displayed in the GeoMaestro Library. Resources can include URLs, links to uploaded documents or text that are organized into categories. Icons denoting Excel, Word, PDF, Explorer and PowerPoint identify each link/document type.

About GeoLearning, Inc.
GeoLearning is the leading provider of ASP-hosted human capital management and development (HCMD) solutions, having been chosen by more than 350 organizations around the world to manage learning and development. The company’s GeoMaestro™ and GeoExpress™ learning management platforms offer robust registration, tracking and reporting functionality crucial for managing enterprise-wide learning, development and knowledge acquisition. With no hardware or software to install, GeoLearning’s ASP-hosted platforms can be deployed quickly, allowing clients to efficiently manage human capital development, accelerate critical business processes, and drive organizational performance. Additional information is available at