GCI Offers Cable Modem Internet Access to Valdez

January 30, 2001

VALDEZ, Ala., Jan 25, 2001 — The next generation of Internet access has arrived in Valdez. GCI (Nasdaq: GNCMA), Alaska’s largest Internet Service Provider, announced today that high-speed, dedicated access to the Internet via cable modems is now available.

“With the initiation of cable modem service, Valdez can realize the true potential of being a wired community,” said Tom Zulz, GCI Valdez area manager. “This will allow us to overcome the limitations of slower dial-up service and foster new opportunities for commerce, education and residential use.”

Cable modems use the coaxial cable that provides television service instead of the traditional copper wire from the local telephone company. Coaxial cable has a much greater carrying capacity than telephone wire, and can be used simultaneously to deliver both cable television service and Internet access. Customers can watch their favorite cable show, talk on the telephone and surf the Internet at blazing speeds — all at the same time.

According to Zulz, the high-speed service comes after six months of plant and equipment upgrades, including the activation of fiber optic cable servicing the Airport and Robe River areas. Zulz added that Valdez is the first community to receive GCI’s high-speed cable modem service outside the major urban communities of Anchorage, Fairbanks and Juneau.

GCI’s cable modem service appeals to a wide variety of customers including families, professionals who work at home, educators and people who enjoy interactive computer games. GCI’s cable modem service also is the only product of its type offered today that allows for secure, digitally encrypted transmission as a standard feature.

Valdez cable modem service is connected to GCI fiber optic network, which connects Fairbanks, Anchorage and Juneau to the lower 48 states. GCI’s cable modem Internet service provides 256 kilobits-per-second to 1.5 megabit-per-second access speed and free 24-hour technical support via telephone or online. Each modem can support up to eight computers and can be used in a local area network. Customers can stay connected 24-hours-a-day, 365-days-a-year, allowing for real-time information and e-mail access.

The cost for cable modem service is as low as $49.99 per month when bundled with GCI long-distance service. No term contract is required and the modem equipment is included in the price. Service is available for both residential and business users. Currently, customers can receive one month of service free and free activation.

In order to use GCI’s cable modem service, users must have an Ethernet equipped computer and subscribe to at least basic cable television service or pay an access fee.

To learn more about GCI’s cable modem service visit the Valdez GCI office for a live demonstration or go to www.gci.net. Residential customers may call 907-835-4930 during regular business hours or 800-800-4800 after hours. Business customers may call 907-835-4930 during business hours or 800-800-7754 after hours.

GCI is an Alaska-based integrated communication provider delivering voice, video and data services through its fiber optic, satellite, hybrid fiber coaxial and metropolitan area networks. More information about GCI can be found at www.gci.com.

Contact Information

Tom Zulz, 907-835-4930, or tzulz@gci.com,

David Morris, 907-265-5396, or dmorris@gci.com,