FREE e-Book “834 Tips for Successful Online

January 12, 2006

“I was amazed by the degree to which comments from hundreds of

contributors converged into a set of coherent professional knowledge,” said Bill Brandon, Senior Editor. “For example, contributors identified four instructor skills as critical to success; as far as I am aware, no individual writer or consultant has previously highlighted just these four skills. In the same way, the responses illuminated four selection factors that every manager of e-Learning must consider before assigning an instructor to a virtual classroom. This is an amazing accomplishment by our contributors.”

“As organizations offer an increasing number of classes online, many

traditional classroom instructors face the challenge of adapting their skills and techniques for the virtual classroom. ‘834 Tips for Successful Online Instruction’ offers an extensive set of best practices that will prove invaluable for e-instructors,” said Jack Chawla, Director, WebEx Training Center. “Loaded with practical advice from experienced e-Learning practitioners, this e-book will be an indispensable addition to any training professional’s toolkit.”

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