Framework for Conceptualising the Impact of Technology on Teaching and Learning

February 19, 2007

ABSTRACT: Although there is great interest, and considerable investment, in adopting technology within Higher Education, it is less clear what this change means to the people who implement or experience it. Presently, there is no consistent framework used to study and explain this phenomenon. In this paper, we propose a framework that can structure and guide work in the area. Work carried out as part of a Kaleidoscope-funded project (see Price et al, 2005) to explore the impact of technology, providing an overview of current research in this area is described, outlining a framework of approaches to researching this topic, and providing an example of empirical work that fits within this methodological framework. Findings from the case study reported here focus on the role that models of teaching and learning play in the process of technology adoption and will be used to elaborate on the themes emerging from the review of existing research. The paper will conclude by considering the framework’s role as a foundation for further work in this area.

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