Fractal: an educational model for the convergence of formal and non-formal education

December 17, 2017

For the last two decades, different authors have mentioned the need to have new pedagogies that respond better to current times, which are surrounded by a complex set of issues such as mobility, interculturality, curricular flexibility, accreditation and academic coverage. Fractal is an educational model proposal for online learning that is formed by four basic elements that allow higher education institutions to advance in four different dimensions: teaching, knowledge, personal development and access. The elements that make up the model are: student-centered teaching, concept-based curriculum design, heutagogy, and openness. The present work describes the educational model and two possible applications of it in the area of Education, thus giving rise to an option that could transform the curriculum of a degree, while integrating in the formal environment of online education, the space for non-formal education.

Open Praxis