Follett and Campus Pipeline Plan to Integrate the Bookstore With the Digital Campus — Largest Operator of College Bookstores To Join Campus Pipeline’s Platform Partners Program

October 31, 2001

Follett, the largest operator of campus bookstores, plans to become a lead member of Campus Pipeline’s Platform Partners program, a group of leading higher education software and services vendors that will develop applications based on the Campus Pipeline Web Platform’s open integration and presentation capabilities. Platform Partners, comprised of vendors from key campus categories, will also help Campus Pipeline shape its product architecture and beta test future products.

“Campus Pipeline has a proven track record in successful enterprise implementations of a unified digital campus, and will be the ideal partner for innovative applications providers such as Follett,” said Scott Deaton, executive vice president of Follett Higher Education Group. “Follett and Campus Pipeline plan to enable each student to be presented with a personalized list of all the books and materials they need — both new and used. We were the first company to sell textbooks online back in 1995, so this will be a natural evolution of our ongoing strategy: to continue to use the best technology to make textbook buying faster and easier.”

The two companies intend to work together to integrate the industry-leading Campus Pipeline(TM) Web Platform and the newly announced Campus Pipeline Luminis™ product family with Follett’s online bookstore to streamline back-to-school tasks for both students and faculty, providing a better customer experience, and helping campuses increase their bookstore revenues. A pilot program is planned to demonstrate proof points of how this integration can make it easier for students to easily purchase books online, help the bookstore more accurately forecast textbook demand, and improve the process of textbook adoption by professors, thus ensuring the books are available in the bookstore when the students need them.

“This kind of integration is the realization of the unified digital campus our customers have been asking for, to use information from one campus system to personalize and improve the user’s experience on another campus system. Our open standards approach allows institutions to choose the combination of software products from multiple vendors that works best for them, then link them all together,” said Tom Lewis, chairman and CEO of Campus Pipeline. “Our industry-leading enterprise integration technology when combined with Follett’s proven bookstore systems, can help colleges and universities achieve their goals for student service and revenue generation.”

The Campus Pipeline Web platform and the Campus Pipeline Luminis product family offer flexible solutions for unifying, extending, and managing the digital campus. By integrating higher education applications and systems, these products enable the exchange of information between critical campus systems that include student information, bookstore, alumni, registration, course tools, email and calendar, news distribution, e-business solutions, and other technologies, while providing centralized Web access to campus information, services, and communities.

About Campus Pipeline, Inc.

Campus Pipeline, Inc., an Upside Hot 100 Internet Infrastructure award winner, delivers enterprise software and services to unify the digital campus. Through the Campus Pipeline Web Platform and the Campus Pipeline Luminis product family, more than 100 colleges and universities worldwide have created comprehensive online environments for unifying administrative services, campus news, distance learning and other services within their higher education communities. Campus Pipeline product development, integration, and strategic partners include Dell, Documentum, iPlanet E-Commerce Solutions, JA-SIG, SCT, Sun Microsystems, Talis Information Limited, TIAA-CREF, and WebCT. Investors include American Express, Dell Computer Corp, General Motors, Hewlett-Packard, Inktomi, Lynx Technology, Meritech Capital Partners, and Oak Investment Partners back the Salt Lake City-based company. For more information, visit or call 888/682-PIPE.

About Follett Higher Education Group

Follett Higher Education is the leading contractor of campus bookstore services and the foremost supplier of textbooks and other course materials in North America. Follett serves more than four million students and over 300,000 faculty through more than 680 stores. Follett’s virtual bookstore,, is the leading Internet provider of education products and services for higher education. Follett’s mission is to help all college bookstores become world class, multi academic retailers and to support higher education by being the preeminent provider of channel academic retailers and collegiate products and services.

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