FLVS amd Macromedia Partner to Offer Students Online Web Design Courses

February 2, 2005

”We’re pleased to partner with such a respected national leader in virtual schooling,” said Megan Stewart, director of Global School Solutions at Macromedia. “The FLVS program enables all students to have access to effective online learning. We recognize that students want to learn via technology and they want to learn to use the latest technology tools to prepare them for digital careers. Now students anywhere can learn web design using the tools professionals use.”

For the past three years, FLVS has leveraged the innovative technology of Macromedia to build all their courses, in fact, a number of FLVS courses – Algebra 1 and 2; Geometry, Pre-Calculus, Global Studies and many others – use Macromedia Flash and Macromedia Breeze Presentations. Through this partnership, FLVS leveraged the innovative technology of Macromedia Studio MX 2004 and Macromedia Breeze to develop the Web Design courses.

“Our partnership with Macromedia means we can continue to provide students with cutting-edge educational opportunities and the freedom to use these great tools in their course work and for projects outside of school,” says Rita Kienle, Director of Development at FLVS. “We know the addition of interactive, multimedia elements has made our courses more engaging and fun for students, but most importantly, these improvements have helped students to grasp and understand more difficult concepts.”

Students enrolled in the FLVS Web Design courses (Web Design 1 and Web Design 2) use Macromedia Studio MX to do a variety of web projects, from building a simple resume to redeveloping one of the online lessons in the course to creating their own web pages.