First Virtual Communications Offers Grants to Internet2 Schools

October 12, 2004

Redwood City, Calif. – October 5, 2004 – First Virtual Communications, Inc. (Pink Sheets: FVCC), a premier provider of infrastructure software and solutions for real-time, rich media communications, today announced a new Click to Meetâ„¢ Internet2® Grant Program. Through the program, Internet2’s member universities can apply for free Click to Meet systems for direct instruction, faculty and researcher communication, and community interaction.

With Click to Meet, universities may be able to extend their existing communications systems to enhance remote teaching and meeting tasks. Starting in October 2004, First Virtual Communications will accept grant applications for up to five qualifying applicants per month for the next six months. The selected grantees will receive Click to Meet software licenses, technical support and updates. They will also be granted access to the Click to Meet Developer Program for one year. The Click to Meet™ Internet2® Grant Program is subject to the terms and conditions set forth at

To qualify, professors, staff members and graduate students at Internet2 schools must complete the application process which includes describing how they will use Click to Meet, who will be involved and how they will ensure they can meet the technical requirements. Applicants will also describe how Click to Meet will benefit the school and its constituents. Submissions will be judged on compelling uses of Click to Meet, on the variety of inter-institution and geographic interaction and evaluation methodology. For more information about the program and to apply online, please visit

Internet2 is a not-for-profit consortium led by more than 200 U.S. universities developing and deploying advanced network applications and technology. “Part of Internet2’s core mission is to create lasting partnerships between academia and industry,” said Laurie Burns, executive director of member and partner relations, Internet2. “Click to Meet grants will allow member schools and First Virtual Communications to collaborate closely on new rich media applications that can advance the capabilities of real-time, integrated communication and expand conferencing options.”

In June 2004, First Virtual Communications announced it had become a corporate sponsor of Internet 2, actively participating in Internet2’s efforts to enhance integrated voice, video and data communication.

“The Click to Meet Internet2 Grant Program is just one more way First Virtual Communications is reinforcing its commitment to educators,” said Gary Dietz, education marketing manager at First Virtual Communications. “We’ve seen some of the most creative uses of rich media communications tools like Click to Meet come out of higher education. With this new grant program, we’re encouraging institutions to apply Click to Meet to their own unique situations to demonstrate how they can extend their current communications environment with real-time, interactive components. They can create a richer learning environment for students, faculty and staff. We can’t wait to see their results!”

First Virtual Communications is committed to delivering real-time, rich media communications infrastructure and solutions to educational institutions and non-profit or government-sponsored educational technology consortia. Its award-winning Click to Meet combines high-quality multipoint voice and video with web collaboration tools in a single web browser interface to allow educators to create a blend of real-time and offline learning modules appropriate to the lesson, instructor, students and technological infrastructure. Institutions can integrate Click to Meet into their remote teaching and meeting strategies because it is premise-based, customizable, scalable and interoperable with many existing communications systems. With Click to Meet, educators may be able to cost effectively expand their reach to new students, expert faculty, guest lecturers and classrooms. For more information about First Virtual Communications, Click to Meet and the education sector, please visit

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First Virtual Communications is a premier provider of infrastructure and solutions for real time rich media communications. Headquartered in Redwood City, California, the Company also has operations in Europe and Asia. More information about First Virtual Communications can be found at or by calling 1-800-728-6337 or +1-650-801-6500 outside North America.