Faculty Professional Development: Advancing Integrative Social Pedagogy Using ePortfolio

December 12, 2013

LaGuardia_Community_College_LogoThis article highlights the work of three faculty members across two different professional development seminars at LaGuardia Community College. It illustrates how their work was guided and is linked together by a common thread—the use of ePortfolio to foster integrative social pedagogy—as a result of their participation in these seminars. This connection highlights the interdependent relationship that exists between faculty members’ professional development and students’ learning in the classroom. The nature of the professional development seminars discussed in this article—Art of Advising: Learning and Implementing Holistic Advisement Skills and Connected Learning: ePortfolio and Integrative Pedagogy—rests firmly on the integrative social teaching and learning experience that faculty members strive to provide for students. In this article, two faculty members discuss how they were able to localize and integrate ideas explored in the Art of Advising: Learning and Implementing Holistic Advisement Skills seminar in two Principles of Accounting I courses to foster advisement as integrative social pedagogy. Another faculty member describes incorporating the ideas examined in the Connected Learning: ePortfolio and Integrative Pedagogy seminar in a General Chemistry I course section to facilitate reflection as integrative social pedagogy. The activities and classroom practices used to facilitate interaction, engagement, and learning among the students in the courses are described. Through analysis of student surveys and reflective writings, the results of the implementation of these practices are also discussed.

International Journal of ePortfolio

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