Factors that Deter Faculty from Participating in Distance Education

January 15, 2003

“Technological change is what many have said is the only constant in our work today” (Kubala, 2000). As technology changes, our need to adapt to these changes increases. Information technology is not just contained within the world wide web, computers or the Internet – it is integrated into all aspects of our lives (Green, 1999; Gayle, et. al, 1999). Technology has now linked lives together more intimately than we could have ever imagined. People are now working and interacting online with each other from around the world, even when they may not be familiar with each other’s cultural backgrounds (Ehrmann, 1999). The pressing need for workers with these skills has fueled an increasing enrollment of adult students across the country who are returning to college to update their skills and knowledge base in order to secure higher paying jobs that are technology based (Drucker, 1994).

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