Exploring opportunities through e-learning

February 4, 2002

A new task force that will look look at how e-learning can enhance opportunities for young people in colleges and lifelong learning, has been unveiled.

The work of the Task Force will link into with the Department of Education and Skills e-Learning Strategy Unit and with the Learning & Skills Council Distributed and e-Learning Group (DELG).

The Task Force will consider the following:

  • ways of increasing participation through the use of e-learning;

  • the potential for a personalised e-learning curriculum

    flexible access and delivery to reflect individual choices and diverse patterns of learning;

  • progression routes to further study and lifelong learning skills and attainment;

  • the potential for work-based learning;

  • and training and development for tutors

Education and Skills Secretary Estelle Morris said:

“The potential for e-Learning is enormous, and we are already seeing the many benefits in our schools. It is equally important that we explore the opportunities that ICT offers for those young people in colleges and lifelong learning.”

“The Task Force will bring together representatives from industry and education to discuss ideas in an informal and stimulating setting.”

The task force will report to Ms Morris later this year.