Evaluating the use of Toondoo for Collaborative E-Learning of Selected Pre-Service Teachers

October 29, 2017

With the growing reliance on information technology, new trends were marshaled in the field of education to produce graduates endowed with 21st century skills. It is unequivocal that collaborative e-learning encourages teachers to innovate for the enhancement of students’ learning. In furtherance of the ongoing teaching-learning upgrades, this study aimed to evaluate the use of Toondoo as a tool for collaborative e-learning to selected education students. Specifically, this study determined the extent to which Toondoo has promoted students’ collaborative e-learning, and identified the influence of Toondoo to students’ learning. Using descriptive-correlation design, results showed that students exhibit positive attitudes on the use of Toondoo. Results further revealed that Toondoo has significantly influenced students’ performance, albeit they differ according to their attitudes toward the employment of Toondoo.

International Journal of Modern Education and Computer Science