European Journal of Open and Distance Learning

November 21, 2000

Cap, C H: XML goes to School: Markup for Computer Assisted Learning and Teaching

Chiazzese, G, Laganà, M R, Luminari, L & Roberti, E: Interactive Computer Aided Learning in the Didactic Activities of a Co-operative Virtual Classroom

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Collins, W E:Internet Application of LabVIEW in Computer Based Learning

Egarievwe, S U, Adebiyi, B O, Onafowokan, O S, Coke, D R, Karim, M R, Rigby, K V & Adetunji, O M: Web Based Learning Environment for Functions and Graphs

Guy, E, Pemberton, L & Knight, J: Rich Cases: a framework for interactive case studies in Information Systems teaching

Hanisch, F: Basic Requirements for Interactive Web-based Courseware

Hauber, R: Analysing Learner Behaviour through Logfiles for Quality Assurance and Student Evaluation