ePerformance: Crafting, Rehearsing, and Presenting the ePortfolio Persona

October 15, 2011


“ePerformance: Crafting, Rehearsing, and Presenting the ePortfolio Persona” exposes vital intersections between pedagogy and performance to reveal how using ePortfolio encourages not only student-centered learning, but facilitates collaboration through cooperative exchanges. Productive interactivity with audiences who actively influence process, content, and outcomes displaces classroom hierarchies and the passive absorption of predetermined material. It is the powerful intersection of multiple modes of performance that establishes the ePortfolio medium as an elastic, ultra-accessible theatrical arena in which students may create, rehearse, and present themselves. By recognizing that they are not only at the center of learning, but that they are one of multiple centers in a multicentric teaching and learning dynamic, students activate the discourse of which their work is already a part.

SOURCE: International Journal of ePortfolio

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