Enrollment up 12% at Community College of Philadelphia; New Students up 15% Over Spring 2001

January 11, 2002

Community College of Philadelphia will begin its spring semester on January 14th with a 12% rise in overall enrollment, and a 15% jump in number of new students, compared to spring 2001. 15,000 new students have registered, almost 9,000 of them part-time.

College President Stephen M. Curtis attributes much of the growth to the economy. “Typically, our enrollment increases during difficult economic times. Many adult students register on a part-time basis with the goal of enhancing their marketability by learning new skills, pursuing a certificate, or even a full associate’s degree,” said Curtis. This coincides with College findings of a 14% increase in part-timers since last spring. Curtis also noted that the College has taken steps to address the need for enhanced workplace training through some new initiatives, including the Opportunity Now program and distance learning.

Opportunity Now, which offers twelve free credits in one semester for Philadelphians who have been laid off between September 2001 and September 2002, has seen over 100 inquiries since it was launched on December 13th. Nearly 30 students have already registered for their free semester.

Distance learning allows students to pursue a certificate or degree right in their own home through video, telecourses or Internet courses. Business and industry has made use of this venue to bring courses to employees right in their workplace, or to train employees simultaneously at several locations. Nearly 1,000 individuals have enrolled for spring 2002 in distance learning programs at the College.

Community College of Philadelphia, committed to providing “Education for a Changing World,” is the third largest degree-granting institution in the city, enrolling more than 40,000 students annually at its Main Campus, three Regional Centers, and more than 60 locations throughout Philadelphia. The College offers day, evening, and weekend classes at a variety of convenient locations, as well as English classes on the Internet and television courses on cable Channel 53.