Encyclopedia of Electronic Surveys and Measurements

October 18, 2004

The Overall Objective of the Book: The Encyclopedia of Electronic Surveys and Measurements will be a valuable resource for those interested in the use of the Internet for data collection and a sourcebook for those interested in finding an instrument for their use. This encyclopedia will be divided into two broad sections with the first section addressing how to design, implement, and use electronic surveys, and then the second section containing profiles of specific electronic surveys and instruments organized by discipline. This combination of “how-to” information about online surveys and a “what’s available” profile directory of current online instruments will make this a uniquely useful volume.

The Target Audience: The book will be ideal for educators and researchers since it will contain detailed information about how to develop and administer online surveys. It will also be useful to a variety of researchers since it will contain profiles of existing online instruments in an array of disciplines including business, communication, education, leadership, psychology, religion, sociology, and more. Such profiles will make it easy for reseachers to find online instruments applicable to their field of study. Those in the field will also benefit from the instrument profiles since they will be able to easily select measures to improve personal and professional development. The encyclopedia could also be used by postgraduate students in courses which require online assessment and research.

Submission Procedure: Three types of articles will be considered. The first type is a full article (1500-3500 words) on a topic related to the design, delivery, administration, and usage of online survey and measurements. The second type of article is an instrument profile (1500-3500 words) which considers one online instrument and provides a description of the measure, a discussion of its validity and reliability, overall commentary, and the online location and cost of the instrument. Both the full article and instrument profile articles are expected to include 10-20 relevant citations from the literature and a listing of 7-10 related terms and their appropriate definitions. In addition, the editors will also accepting short pieces which are 1000-1500 word articles on relevant software applications or Web sites related to the topic of online surveys and measurements and can include optional related terms and definitions. Copies of sample articles can be found at http://www.edcomresearch.com/encyclopedia/submission.html

Researchers and practitioners are invited to submit a brief (75-100 words) description of your proposed topic(s) no later than November 1, 2004 to jasobak@regent.edu. Be sure to identify whether you are proposing a full article, instrument profile, or short piece. Authors of accepted proposals will be notified by November 15, 2004 about the status of their proposals and sent chapter organizational guidelines. Upon acceptance of your proposed topic, you will be expected to your full article and 7-10 related terms and their appropriate definitions and submit them by March 1, 2005. All submitted articles will undergo a blind, peer-review process upon receipt.

This book is scheduled for publishing by Idea Group Reference (an imprint of Idea Group Inc.) in the Spring of 2006. For more information please visit the web site of the book at: http://www.edcomresearch.com/encyclopedia/